Given the complexities of today’s economic climate, protecting your real estate holdings is often challenging and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Our experience and diverse knowledge of the real estate industry enable us to manage your risk while you manage your business. We take an aggressive and comprehensive approach to controlling your risks and your costs. We focus on organizations that own or operate:

  1. Industrial property
  2. Office Property
  3. Residential Properties
  4. Venues
  5. Retail Property

We provide the expertise to help our clients navigate the manufacturing industry’s complex issues, from employee safety and the protection of physical assets, to broader risks such as those associated with supply chain management and environmental regulation.

Listening as you describe business objectives allows us to craft tailor made risk management solutions for you. These include not only insurance program design and financing, but exceptional claims handling (including our Claims Oversight Program) future forecasting (using our IMPACT Analysis) and predictive modeling to help you identify exposures, mitigate losses and reduce your total cost of risk.

Transportation is an ever-changing, fast paced industry that requires customized protection to meet a client’s needs.  Whether you are an owner-operator or responsible for fleet operations, accidents are not your only concern. You need a partner who can assist you in managing all the exposures associated with your operations, 24/7/365.  Guy Hurley has the knowledge and tools to meet your needs. Our strategy is to take a measured, disciplined, and proactive approach to addressing your risk management and insurance issues.

Given the complexities of today’s legal climate, many lawyers face the possibility of lawsuits as an unfortunate byproduct of doing business. While you may be committed to your customers, they may not always return the favor. Your business and financial security depends on how well protected you are from a lawsuit or claim. At Guy Hurley, we focus on building a solution rather than selling a product. We listen to our clients to understand the array of emerging exposures they face, and create a plan to help protect against losses resulting from negligence, errors and omission.

Guy Hurley’s Legal Professional Liability division is staffed by one licensed attorney with 40 years of litigation experience. As a result, we understand the risks associated with our clients’ practice area, ensuring that each insurance solution is tailored to fit their unique needs. We don’t just put a plan together—we build a program with the features necessary to protect our clients now, while anticipating emerging exposure trends. We ensure that you have coverage that grows and evolves with you and your practice.