• “I’m fascinated by the simplicity of the vision of Guy Hurley to elevate and exceed expectations. Operating with that in mind, we consistently deliver great work and create valued, long-lasting relationships.”

    Shawn Farzam, Account Executive
  • "There truly are great people who work in this office. We work as a team to help each other out and resolve any issues we may have. It's a collaborative, positive environment that helps us all thrive."

    Anne Barick, Senior Account Manager
  • "I have worked at Guy Hurley for 10 years and very much enjoy it. The people who work here have very good relationships with their clients and are always striving to do the best for them. I consider the people here my family."

    Jill Moore, Accounting Assistant
  • “We’re always connecting with our clients on a deeper level to truly understand their needs and develop a lifelong relationship.”

    Mark Madden, Vice President
  • “The commitment to service here is second to none. We deliver cutting-edge service because we lead the industry in innovative problem-solving.”

    Robert Heuer, Vice President
  • “Our strong commitment to serving our community through our time, resources and expertise and our connectedness to the industries we serve makes Guy Hurley a great place for our employees to build a career,”

    Richard McGregor, President
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