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Titled “Data Analytics and Contractual Risk Transfer Make Waves in the Surety and Insurance World,” Guy Hurley’s Bob Heuer writes about the movement afoot to give contractors a peek in the box as to how bond companies evaluate contractors for approval and program parameters in the latest issue of CAM Magazine. (Spolier alert: The aforesaid ‘movement’ is going on between us and our customers. Whether it’s going on anywhere else, we really don’t know.)

Bob writes: “If you are a contractor, either a general or a sub, and you haven’t reviewed (and asked your insurance provider and/or legal counsel to review) your subcontract lately, then you are likely getting substandard protection.”

Read the full story here that shares how to ensure you’re getting in front of issues and opportunities.

Guy Hurley’s Leslie Loftus also writes about the often overlooked protections your health insurance doesn’t cover.

Leslie says: “With all the focus on healthcare reform and health insurance changes in the past few years, it is easy to lose sight of valuable other protections you may wish to consider.”

Read the full story here to understand the insurance options that can be entirely employee-paid, employer-paid or a combination of both.