Proactive Questions to Ask Your Workers' Comp Claims Adjuster


If you could ask your workers’ compensation claims adjuster 10 questions about your thorniest claim over the past several years, what would they be?

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All too frequently the biggest questions go something like this:

  • Why the #@!! didn’t they ask about __________?

  • How could they have forgotten to _________?

  • Didn’t they ask _________?

To eliminate the frustrations many are faced with, Guy Hurley Vice President Paula Tryloff recommends smart questions to ask workers’ compensation claims adjusters to ensure the appropriate attention is given to the claim. For example:

The doctor’s note indicates the employee can return to work with some restrictions. What are my options if we don’t have light duty, and why should I care about offering it?

My employee has been off for some time and is on a lot of pain pills. What can we do to manage his medication and avoid potential addiction?

What are my options when I’m not satisfied that my adjuster has my company's business objectives in mind when handling my claim?


Asking these proactive questions might make the difference between a claim being settled with little or no lost time, and dragging out into months or even years of medical and wage loss payments—mushrooming into a six-figure debacle and adding 10 points to your Experience Modification Rating.

We have the expertise and the knowledge to help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of workers’ compensation claims. We’re here to help with:

  • Working with your adjuster to determine the results of a doctor’s appointment.

  • Helping to match a lifting restriction to a particular light duty job in your company.

  • Ordering the independent medical exam that might contradict the family physician’s diagnosis of disability,

  • Lowering a reserve, or closing out a claim in advance of the Unit Statistical Report that determines that claim’s value in next year’s EMR.

For the rest of the questions and solutions we'd recommend, or to learn about about how Guy Hurley can help improve your workers’ comp outcomes, give us a call or send us a note. 

 Paula Tryloff, Vice President | Guy Hurley

Paula Tryloff, Vice President













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